Sarah Gergel, Associate Professor, Landscape Ecology & Conservation

Landscape Ecology Lab, Forest and Conservation Sciences


We are continually developing creative ways to apply the approaches of landscape ecology – a primarily terrestrial discipline – to problems at the interface of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, as well as to the interface of social-ecological systems.

Historical Landscape Ecology

Our primary long-term study sites offer invaluable opportunities to understand the ecological and/or social dimensions of landscape change. At these locations, we have gathered a combination of baseline datasets, field data, GIS layers, recent remotely-sensed data, and historical aerial photography, all of which provide valuable context for our research. Two example locations are highlighted below.

Ecosystem Services

Our research in ecosystem services utilizes our expertise in spatial analysis to ask questions about the dynamics of ecosystem services over broad scales. We are linking aerial photographs to a diversity of forest-derived ecosystem services with ecological, cultural and economic value.

Map Error – Does It Impact Management?

Maps provide the basis for routine decisions in conservation and management. Another theme of our lab focuses on how imperfections in mapping might affect our estimates of landscape productivity, rare habitats, restoration budgets, and more.

Interactive Map of LEL Research Sites


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