Sarah Gergel, Professor, Landscape Ecology & Conservation

Landscape Ecology Lab, Forest and Conservation Sciences

Jieying (Jenny) Huang, NSERC PGS-D

Jenny huang


PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia, 2018-present

Master of Land and Water Systems (MLWS), University of British Columbia, 2016

B.Sc. in Natural Resource Conservation, University of British Columbia, 2015

Research Interests

My research interests include urban stream syndrome, ecosystem services, systematic conservation plannings on urban landscape. I have been investigating the linkages between land cover changes and water chemistry, benthic invertebrates, and heavy metal concentrations in urban streams. Using high resolution map across Metro Vancouver Region, we developed several useful landscape indicators that could be used to monitor water chemistry, biotic response, and heavy metal concentrations. We are now extending the work to examine additional water quality monitoring sites.

In my PhD thesis, I also examines the synergies and tradeoffs in ecosystem services associated with green infrastructure. I hope to use aquatic indicators created in previous works to represent aquatic ecosystem services and explore the spatial interactions among them. I am also interested in using systematic conservation planning tools (e.g. Marxan) to spatially identify priority areas important to both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem conservation in urban environment. These works will likely benefit aquatic systems monitoring, green infrastructure planning, and conservation planning cross aquatic – terrestrial systems on urban landscape.


Huang, J., & Gergel, S. E. (2023). Effectiveness of landscape indicators for explaining the variability of benthic macro-invertebrates in urban streams. Journal of Environmental Management, 342, 118130.

Huang, J., & Gergel, S. E. (2022). Landscape indicators as a tool for explaining heavy metal concentrations in urban streams. Landscape and Urban Planning, 220, 104331.

Ruan, X., Huang, J., Williams, D. A., Harker, K. J., & Gergel, S. E. (2019). High spatial resolution landscape indicators show promise in explaining water quality in urban streams. Ecological Indicators, 103, 321-330.

Wang, G., Mang, S. L., Riehl, B., Huang, J., Wang, G., Xu, L., … & Innes, J. (2019). Climate change impacts and forest adaptation in the Asia–Pacific region: from regional experts’ perspectives. Journal of Forestry Research, 30(1), 277-293.

Huang, J.Y., Black, T.A., Jassal. R.S., and Lavkulich, L.M. (2017) Modelling Rainfall Interception by Urban Trees. Canadian Water Resource Journal/Revue canadienne des ressources hydriques, 1-13

Contact Info


Twitter: @jhuang610


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